Unlease 2009 Recap and Thoughts

Posted July 24, 2009

Last week I attended the Unleash 2009 Conference at Newspring Church in Anderson, SC. This was my first time to Newspring (and for that matter Anderson). While my experience was tempered a bit by my health – my family was passing around a stomach bug that hit me in the wee hours of the morning the day of the conference. I was huddled over the toilet in our hotel that morning and blew chunks at 30,000 ft on the plane ride back. Not a fun day). Having said that, it was a great experience.

Session 1 Recap

Perry Noble, the king of throwin’ down! These are my notes as I battled waves of nausea… not from Perry though!

1. Is the church open to change?

a. II Kings 7:3

b. Every denomination has declined but we won’t change because we hold on to dead things… If it was our money, we would change.

c. If you can do it the way it’s always been done, there would be no need for God’s continual revelation.

d. Only reason people are against change is that they are married to an idea, not to Christ.

e. Church has a choice, change or die.

f. Acts – church continually changed through book of acts.

i. 1:14-15 –

ii. 2:41 – Church added 3,000 in one day

iii. 4:4 – Church grew to 5,000

iv. 4:32 –

v. 6:1-7 –

1. If you want to see church take off Pastors need to get out of day to day operations of the church.

vi. 8:1 – great persecution broke out (Multi-site church took place)

    2. Are we wiling to work?

    a. If you want change in church have to do more than pray about it. Christians for too long have used prayer as an excuse to not do the work.

    b. Have to get your “I’s focused

    i. Have to Investigate the obvious

    ii. Ignore the jackass (In greek, Jackass is translated blogger)

    1. Two types of jackasses

    a. Type who has never attended your church

    b. Jackass in the church is the one who screams I want to go deeper. Response: only as deep as last person you served.

    c. Most Christians are educated beyond their ability to be obedient.

    3. Are we serious about reaching the world?

    i . Contemporary – Means our pastor wears a sweater vest

    ii. Blended – no one in our church possesses a set and will proclaim where we stand. In an effort to keep everyone happy we reach no one

    iii. Missional – most overplayed term in the church. noone is showing up, so we sought out a term to affirm our dysfunction so we created a term

    iv. Emergent – We’re a bunch of spoiled church kids who have a problem with authority including the authority of scripture. because of our movement hell will be crowded.

    Session 1 Video


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