There’s Always A Test of Faith – Part II

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I recently wrote about my journey of becoming the Executive Pastor of Harvest Church in Billings, Montana, and the test of faith in that decision. In responding to what God is asking us to do, there’s always a test of faith. In each ask the extent of the test is unique. The next principle is […]

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There’s Always A Test of Faith – Part I

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About three months ago my family and I relocated from Houston, Texas to Billings, Montana where I am now the Executive Pastor of Harvest Church. If you’re up on your geography, that was a pretty big move for us since my wife, Ashley and I are both life long Southerners. One of the ways I’ve […]

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Church, Multi-site

Creativity in Constraints

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I spent a few days this past week in Dallas at Leadership Network for a Multi-Site Innovation Lab. It was a great time away working through Multi-Site strategy with the team at Harvest Church. One of the exercises we went through involved role playing a few made up scenarios in how a church would respond […]

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