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Local Context for A Multi-Site

Posted July 24, 2009

I had an interesting meeting yesterday as our Exec Team at The MET gathered in a strategy meeting. One of the passing comments that was not on our agenda, but really got me thinking since then is applying the local context of our kingdom concept to multi-site strategy for churches.

Kingdom Concept


The Kingdom concept is an idea discussed in Church Unique by Will Mancini. It is the overlap of each church’s unique opportunity in their local predicament, collective potential, and apolostic esprit. It is each church’s unique niche that is most easily championed because of synergy and overlap of those three areas.

An interesting phenomenon is when the idea of a multi-site church comes in to play.

How is the local predicament addressed in a multisite church and if it is not how does that impact the effectiveness of that campus?

Are we franchising the church or evaluating what that community needs and how does this play in to a multi-site campus pastor’s role to serve the community where he pastors but still maintain the identity of the master brand?

I’m looking forward to the discussion…


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