Complexity in the Local Church – Pt 2

Posted July 24, 2009

A pastor friend of mine recently attended a denominational conference and reported some alarming trends. Here’s an excerpt of a report he gave:

  • 30 churches represented – all over 2000 in attendance
    • All but 8 have had strong budget reductions in 2009
    • cutbacks in travel, food, capital, conferences, retreats, new debt, mailings, postage, technology, events
  • 18 have had layoffs for 2009
    • a serious concern for others
  • New campus starts – 2 – only 6 in multi-site (3 cut their plans or existing site)
  • Most are suffering through the issue of change, transition, stay the same, membership issues, assimilation, burnout, staffing issues
  • All working on Assimilation and Serve concerns
    • Some see assimilation a “necessary evil” of Mega church work
  • Most believe Groups is the catalyst for keeping people
  • Extremely careful in debt reduction offerings and its relation to church debt structure
  • Capital Campaigns are shorter and for less money
  • Curriculum sourcing and cost big search
  • Succession Planning
  • Re-evaluating all benefits to see what is best offering to staff – some have cut back overall and are only offering key parts
  • Giving versus budgets – most held or cut back as stated above – doing everything to build trust in the membership that what they are being told is what the church is following too – i.e. controlled spending, no additional debt, etc.
  • Some are applying designated funds direct to the ministry assigned and reducing the general funds by that amount
  • Most churches deal with the Admin morale issue
  • Most churches are struggling with the generational issues – trying to be relevant to young people
  • Denominational traditions and the obstacles it has built

How does your church fare when compared to these stats?


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