Thanks for checking out my blog and joining my journey. I love the opportunity to create behind the idea of focus expands. When I was growing up I was the quintessential “jack of all trades, master of none.” I was in to sports and while I excelled at basketball was not a star athlete. I was a bright kid, but a B-C student for the most part (sorry mom). But hey, as Harry Truman said, “C-Students run the world.”

Focus expands as a concept is the same idea as “less is more.” It is the the essential thesis behind Church Unique, Simple Church, Jim Collin’s hedgehog concept and a plethora of other titles in the same vein. I believe that God created each of us for a purpose. Part of our journey is determining what that purpose is and the joy (and at times frustrations) of figuring that out.

In the various leadership roles I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to hold, It has become very clear that in almost all arenas it is better to do fewer things really well, than do a number of things half way, whether in education, ministry, or profession. This blog simply shares the things I have and continue to learn.

Whether you’re stopping by or plan to hang around for a while, know that you’re welcome here.

Enjoy the journey,